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Hi, I'm Kim. Mommie of four beautiful boys. Xander (6), Remi (5), Jaxon (1), and Reagan who was born this July. This is my spot to share stories, pictures and my experiences. Like what you see? Tell me about it. Don't? Oh, well - we are all entitled to our opinions.All original content copyright, 2009-2014.

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Holy moly we’ve made it 12 whole weeks! What a great adventure we’re having too! Such a new world these last few weeks; sleeping less during the day, playing more, pooping less, getting more efficient at nursing so it doesn’t take as long most times, laughing more, smiles all the time, and loving the world around him.

We’re getting better at going out nowadays. The four of us (Mommie + three kids) can actually leave the house and make it out and back all in one piece!

Can’t believe it’s been three months already! Oh, and PopPop is coming to meet you this weekend, we’re so excited!

  1. electradaddy said: 12 weeks already? Whoa! That went fast. He’s such a little cutie, but you know that already! Many wonderful thoughts and wishes for you and your family!
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